Cornilleau Table Tennis Equipment – Professional Equipment for Pros and Amateurs alike

Table Tenis RacketsIf you dream to become a pro in table tennis, then you have already heard of the Cornilleau Table Tennis Company. It is common knowledge that you cannot become a good player without proper equipment. And when it comes to equipment, you should think of buying table tennis products made by Cornilleau. Amateurs and professionals alike know that this company is the number one manufacturer of table tennis equipment in Europe, and is among the best in the world as well.

Cornilleau manufactures any piece of table tennis equipment that you may think of, but their greatest products are their tables. The Cornilleau tables are probably the most advanced nowadays. Here are some of the most important features of their tables:

  • The Cornilleau Compact Technology allows the table to be stored in a small space
  • The DSI Safety System automatically locks the table when opened or closed (it is unlocked by the pressing of a few buttons).  Cornilleau tables have 16 locking points, thus they have the highest level of safety. The system also enables you to lock the table on any surface (grass, sand, earth etc.)
  • The Map Top Technology gives a better quality of play, adds more spin to the ball, and does not reflect the light
  • Warranty: 3 years for indoor tables and 10 years for outdoor tables
  • Creative modern design

Cornilleau table tennis equipment is used in many well-known championships, as the company sponsors great events like the ITTF Pro Tour and Open De France, and even the World Team Cup (Magdeburg, Germany, 2007).

The reason why Cornilleau is so highly regarded is because the company seeks to constantly improve the quality, safety, solidity and design of their products. Thus, whether you like to play ping pong indoors or outdoors, whether you are already a tennis table champion or you have only just begun playing it, the ideal table and other equipment are waiting for you in the sports stores selling Cornilleau table tennis products.

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