Cornilleau Table Tennis – Great Fun and Improved Health and Development


Cornilleau Table Tennis products are a great option if your children want to try ping-pong for fun, but also as an activity that can facilitate healthy development. Children nowadays have more and more temptations that urge them to be sedentary, and it becomes very difficult to remove these bad habits. Sports will have a beneficial effect on both the tonus and the harmonious development of the body.

When should you teach your child table tennis?

The optimal age at which a child can start practicing table tennis is eight years, but in some cases they may be older or younger, depending on the skills of the child. The main reasons that should inspire you to take your child to table tennis lessons are the movement speed, as well as great focus and coordination required.


Since it is not a contact sport, in table tennis, injuries do not occur often. Because it uses all muscle groups, it is beneficial since childhood. The body is allowed to develop smoothly, without being deformed. Moreover, this sport can be practiced equally by girls and boys. And if you are interested in providing your child the best conditions for this sport, Cornilleau Table Tennis products are the best choice.

Skills developed table tennis

Coordination – due to the small size of the gaming table, coordination is important to place the ball exactly where it will be harder to reach for the opponent

Speed ​​of response – table tennis is played at a high pace so it requires speed in movements and fast changes of strategy. These activities require a high resistance to effort.

Focus – the small size of the table and the speed required by the movement of the balls are responsible for a very high level of concentration on the trajectory of the ball and the change in the style of your opponent. These will help you notice, in time, improvements in the ability to focus on daily routine actions and school tasks.

If you are looking forward to starting this sport, you should start looking for Cornilleau Table Tennis gear for best results.

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