Do a Loop, Flick, Smash, Chop, Block and a Topspin – All in One at Your Cornilleau Table Tennis Table

Table tennis

Ever wanted to unwind for just a few moments? Feeling pumped and ready to engage in a game of strategy? Ready to train your senses and put a little pressure on your opponent? You might be just the right person for a brand new Cornilleau table.

The company has been producing tennis tables for 40 years now. Having continuously improved their quality, reduced the costs and adapt their products to any demand on the market, it made them one of the world’s leaders in outdoor tennis tables. The equipment has been tested over the years by champions like Jacques Secrétin and Jean-Philippe Gatien.

You do not have to depend on the weather for a Cornilleau table is suited for both indoor and outdoor activities. And if you are worried about taking up space, forget about it. The new table comes with “Compact Technology” that combines ergonomics, safety and design. They are easy to open and close, by one person alone, thanks to a new unlocking mechanism.

The Cornilleau Table Tennis has behind a team of engineers, who continuously research and develop new systems to reduce the risk of tilting, or the chance for a child to get between the table’s panels when it is folded.

The brand offers a large range of equipment, from indoor and outdoor tables, to balls, bats, and other accessories. And if you are in need of assistance after a purchase, you can rely on the company’s after sale service, whether you have a question about the products warranty, or you need table assembly services.

For more details about the Cornilleau Table Tennis equipment, you can visit the official website of the company or check out online reviews posted by customers.


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