The History behind Cornilleau Table Tennis – How Did They Get Here?

You are probably all familiar with table tennis, watched it at least once on TV or maybe even played it sometimes. Thus, you are aware of the importance of having a good table to play on and fine quality bats […]

Do a Loop, Flick, Smash, Chop, Block and a Topspin – All in One at Your Cornilleau Table Tennis Table

Ever wanted to unwind for just a few moments? Feeling pumped and ready to engage in a game of strategy? Ready to train your senses and put a little pressure on your opponent? You might be just the right person […]

Play Only With the Best Using Cornilleau Table Tennis Sets

There are hundreds of different models of table tennis sets available on the market today, and only a few really stand apart from the competition. While the internet is especially full of hype directed at the latest, greatest release of […]

Cornilleau Table Tennis – Great Fun and Improved Health and Development

Cornilleau Table Tennis products are a great option if your children want to try ping-pong for fun, but also as an activity that can facilitate healthy development. Children nowadays have more and more temptations that urge them to be sedentary, […]

Those Who Love Table Tennis Love the Cornilleau Table Tennis Equipment!

 The history of the Cornilleau table tennis tables can be traced back to 1946, when Emile Cornilleau opened a workshop in Bonneuil-les-Eaux, a commune in the Oise department in Northern France. The actual production of the tennis tables began only […]