Find Out Why the Rubbers from your Ping Pong Paddles Matter

Joola Table TennisWhen it comes to picking your rubbers the possibilities are unlimited, especially if you are new to the game of ping pong. However, if you play in competitions and tournaments picking the right rubbers is a bit more difficult, because you want these accessories to match your game style and to give you a couple of advantages over your opponent. As a beginner tough, you might get confused and it would be a good idea to talk to a specialist first. The most popular brand in this field is Joola and that should be the first place where you should start looking for your rubbers.

Here are some of the features that you should consider when picking your rubbers:

1.Game style

There are two sides of a paddle and you can hit differently with them or not. Think about the strong points that you have while serving with the forehand and the backhand find out whether you need to get two different kinds of rubbers or use the same on both sides of the paddle.

2. The sponge

The sponge has an influence on how much control you will have over the ball and how fast it can be. Some professional players prefer to use thicker sponge that they glue before matches to give a special effect known as the speed glue in the ping pong environment.

3. The topsheet

Considering you already know the style you play ping pong you can choose a variety of topsheets, like pimple-in or anti-spin.

This may be a little confusing if you are a beginner. To get an idea about how you would feel when playing with a thicker or lighter sponge or topsheet you can try asking your friends to let you test them or simply look for a dealer that allows you to test it out before purchasing it.

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