Play Only With the Best Using Cornilleau Table Tennis Sets

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There are hundreds of different models of table tennis sets available on the market today, and only a few really stand apart from the competition. While the internet is especially full of hype directed at the latest, greatest release of every company with a few extra advertising dollars at hand, Cornilleau table tennis sets are one of those few who have something special to offer the discriminating customer and ping pong fan.

Cornilleau is a French company started in 1946 and specialized in the manufacturing of premium tennis tables. The company founder, Emile Cornilleau, was early to recognize the need for high quality tables for the then-emerging sport. As the popularity of the sport grew, so did the demand for top-notch equipment, and by this time he was already a major name on the market.

What is it that makes Cornilleau table tennis equipment so special? This company was responsible for a number of innovations that have since propagated throughout the industry on all levels: these include laminated outdoor tables, and the company’s own, “Compact Technology” method of designing tables with ergonomics, safety and reliability in mind. Anyone who has seen a dusty, disused table left out in the rain for one too many seasons can agree that it is not a sight that pleases the eyes. Cornilleau recognizes the importance of weathering, and designs their tables to resist the elements.

It’s true that these products tend to be more expensive than those of their competitors, but this is because of Cornilleau’s all-important philosophy of servicing premium demands with premium products. It’s not enough to offer a board of wood with some netting and say that you’re ready to play- a serious player wants to know that the ball has even traction on all ends of the table and that all the parts have been machined of the highest quality. This is the exacting service that the Cornilleau Table Tennis provides.



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