Secrets of the Joola Table Tennis Table – The Rubbers

Joola Table TennisOften people wonder whether the colors of the rubbers that they normally see in any ping pong competition are important. The accepted colors of the rubbers in any official tournament are black and red, but the colors you can choose from nowadays vary. Whenever you purchase a Joola table tennis table or any other competition accepted brand, you will always receive all the necessary accessories to play tennis table, including the two paddles that have a black and a red side. Joola also allows you to choose between receiving a tennis table with its accessories or order your accessories separately.

Although many people insist that the difference between these two colors is practically insignificant, the truth is that the color of the side of a paddle indicates certain properties of the rubber that is covering it and thus affects the way you play at the Joola table tennis table. What this means is that the different colors of the the rubber implies it has different chemical properties and therefore different bouncing effects. Most professional players say that the black rubber can provide more speed because the materials used for this rubber makes it a bit more sticky. They are especially appreciated by the people that like to use forehand serves when they are playing at their professional Joola table tennis table. The red rubbers are supposed to be softer, can bend easier and allow the player to add special effects on his serve. Some of the tricks that the ping pong players do, like for instance the spin, require you to use a backhand serve.

Most people still believe that the black side of a paddle is for forehand serves, while the red side is for backhand serves. However, nowadays a lot of paddles have red rubber on both sides or colors that are not according to the official standards, like pink or blue. According to some experts, the reason why you can find any color for your rubbers is because manufacturers are trying to improve the effects of the rubbers on the ball and reduce the consequences of the paint. The Joola table tennis table manufacturer is one of the recognized brands for producing quality rubbers and when you are purchasing a ping pong table you have the option to choose to order the rubbers you prefer separately.

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