Table Tennis: A Fun Game for the Entire Family

table-tennis-paddle1Table tennis is a game that you can play with your family and friends at any age. It will help you both physically and mentally, by relieving stress and keeping you in shape.

The first time I heard about table tennis was from my godfather’s son when I was six. We played the new game for days using the dining table, two pens and a rope as a net and two books as rackets. Little did we know that this was the way the game was played during the 1880s.

In the beginning ping-pong was an after dinner upper-class game, played using a stack of books as a net, two books as rackets and a golf-ball.

The game became more and more popular and, in 1921, in Britain, the Table Tennis Association was founded. Later on, in 1926, the International Table Tennis Federation was founded and London hosted the first official World Championships.

Now the game is played all over the world by people of all ages. Ping-pong can be played with two or four players. I know it sounds like a really easy to play game but it requires fast movements and quick reactions. Table tennis is a game that helps you stay in shape, relieves stress and most of all it is really fun to play.

Try teaching this game to your children. You can use a colored ball and tennis rackets painted with cartoon characters. The kids will consume their extra energy and will love the game. Playing ping-pong will also give you the chance to spend quality time with your children. Playing this game will teach your children to be team players, and also learn fair play and discipline.

You can also play ping-pong on your computer, phone, X-box, etc. Now there are thousands of web sites where you can play it, participate in tournaments, find millions of fans of this game that you can become friend with.

Table tennis is a perfect game for you and your family, that you can play anytime and, due to technology, anywhere. Ping-pong will help you both physically and mentally, by relieving stress, helping you spend quality time with friends and family, and keeping you in shape. So, first chance you get, give it a try! I assure you that you will have fun!

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