Table Tennis Equipments- How to Choose the Proper Equipment without Spending Much Money

Difference between Playing at a Table and a Table Tennis Table TopChoosing your table tennis equipments might not be such an easy thing to do as most people think; you do not just go into a sports shop and make a random choice, thinking it would be a good one because that is what such places do: offer you the proper equipments. They might offer high-quality equipments but no one says high-quality equipments are what you need. There is no point in spending a lot of money if you are a beginner or an amateur. If you are in one of these situations, simple and inexpensive equipments are just what you need. You can find these in most general sports stores.

Still, if you are thinking seriously about table tennis and you hope someday you will become a professional player then, you might need to make a greater effort when looking for table tennis equipments.  You probably know already what the minimum requirements are: a table tennis table, a couple of table tennis rackets and a supply of table tennis balls. These allow you to practice a lot at home and improve your skills. After that happens, and it will, if you are serious about it and keep practicing, you will need to buy some adequate clothing: table tennis shirt, shorts or skirt, and table tennis shoes.

What you should know when choosing these equipments:

  • Table tennis rackets

You have to choose them very carefully because the racket you choose will determine the way in which you will develop as a table tennis player. According to the official rules, tennis table rackets may have any size, shape or weight as long as their blade is flat and rigid. If you are looking for a cheap racket, which you will use just to have fun playing with your friends, then you should buy a ready-made racket. Otherwise, you should buy each of its component elements separately: the wooden blade with the handle and the rubbers.

  • Table tennis table

The first thing you should think about before buying a table tennis table is whether you will use it indoors or outdoors. After deciding on an indoor or outdoor table,  you must take into account that the table’s thickness is a very important factor. Tables with thick top surface are suitable for professional players, while tables with thin top surface are more affordable and are suitable for beginners. When buying table tennis equipments, don’t forget to choose a table tennis net, if your table doesn’t have one that is permanently attached to it.

  • balls

Just make sure you have enough of them. If you are a beginner you should try the “practice balls” because they are lighter and much easier to handle. Moreover, they are also cheap.

Remember, table tennis equipments can be very expensive or cheap, depending on what you are looking for; just make sure you do not waste your money on equipments you do not really need.

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