The History behind Cornilleau Table Tennis – How Did They Get Here?

Table Tennis

You are probably all familiar with table tennis, watched it at least once on TV or maybe even played it sometimes. Thus, you are aware of the importance of having a good table to play on and fine quality bats and accessories. Cornilleau Table Tennis are some of the best products you can find on the market.

Their history goes back to 1946, when Emile Cornilleau opened a workshop in Bonneuil les Eaux. The first tennis tables were produced in 1969 – simple models at the beginning, but with great care for details and finishes, care that later became the company’s trademark. Significant amounts of money were invested in research and development, as the company quickly understood that success was related to good quality and low costs.

As the years went by, Cornilleau become more and more notorious in the world of sports.  1981 brought their first sponsorship deal, as Cornilleau signed a contract with the French champion Jacques Secrétin. A dozen years later, Jean Philippe Gatien became a member of the Cornilleau family; he became world champion the same year, 1993.

In the beginning, the company sold its tennis tables to large supermarket chains, but they soon caught the attention of sports shops and mail order companies, who purchased their products. In 1985, Cornilleau was the leader of the French market and began to conquer the rest of Europe. By this time, five of the Cornilleau table tennis table models were already approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF).

By 1988, Cornilleau began to use laminated materials for its outdoor tables. The company had a major breakthrough in 1995, when they also developed a revolutionary folding mechanism – the Compact Technology, a unique combination of design, ergonomics and safety. Added to that, the clever choice of good managers brought the company its brand status.


Starting with the new millennium, the company diversified its offer by producing bats, balls and other accessories. From there on, each year brought something new for the company, starting with the nomination for a design competition in Paris (2002) and ending with being the official sponsor for the World Cup in Germany (2007).


Cornilleau Tennis Table history proves once again that great ideas, combined with hard work, innovation and clever management, never fail.



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